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Sometimes in life it feels like you just can’t win.

In those times, I like to choose Blanka, and let Big Green carry me to success.

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EXCERPTS >|< Stone Age Tools (1947)

 | Hosted at: Internet Archive
 | From: Wellcome Library
 | Download: Ogg | 512Kb MPEG4 | MPEG4
 | Digital Copy: attribution-non commercial 3.0 US

A series of Animated GIFs excerpted from Stone Age Tools, a demonstration by M. Leon Coutier, archaeologist and former President of the Societe Prehistorique Francaise, of his technique for making replicas of Palaeolithic tools and weapons, including hand-axes, scrapers, gravers and flint arrowheads. Filmed at the former Institute of Archaeology, Regent’s Park, London in June 1947. An important archeological record.

We invite you to watch the full video HERE.

(via ilovecharts)